Filter Grid EA Pro – VERIFIED LIVE REAL ACCOUNTS RESULTS – 1. December 2018 – 3. January 2019


Here are the results from 01.12.2018 – 03.01.2019.

Unfortunately, I suffered a painful loss over 1200 USD from 02.01.2019 to 03.01.2019.

But anyway, I publish this post to show everyone that you can make mistakes even with automated trading robots.

I have traded except the GBPUSD nor the AUSCAD, unfortunately, this turned out to be a mistake and to make matters worse, the price of the GBPUSD by about 3 cents within 24 hours.

Ok, I learned from it – Filter Grid EA continues to work only my greed for more money was too high!

“Greed eats brain” – they say in German.

I’ll just keep trading, because I have long had the loss of yesterday pay me out.

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